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led his officials to stage a ▓welcome rite for the Start of Summer and encouraged his residents to seize the key time to do farm work▓. It's said that most of the decorations were arranged in the co

ditional food--Sat

lor red, including the emperor ▓and the officials' dress, the jade pendants, the horses and the flags, in order to show respect to the god of sum

aySatay is a dis

mer and pray for a good harvest.Chec▓king one's weightThe custom of weighing people at the Start of Summer originated f

h of grilled meat

rom the Three Kingdoms Period (220-180) and prevails in South China today. It was believed this practice would bring health and good luck

  • icken, beef and mutton,and s

    to the people weighte▓d.After lunch on the day of Start of Summer, ▓people would suspend a stool or basket from a beam. The young and old took turns to get weighed wh▓ile the person cal

  • erved with satay sauce made of

    culating the weight would offer good wishes and auspicious words. It is said those who were weighed would stay healthy in the hot ▓summer and those who weren't would suffer

  • various spicy seasonings.

    i▓llness.Eating eggsIn ancient China, people believed a round▓ egg symbolized a happy life and eating eggs on the day of Start of Summer was a prayer for good▓ health. They put leftov

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er tea into boiled water t

o▓gether with eggs and the original "tea egg" was created. Later people improved cooking method

s and added spices to the eggs to make them taste delicious. Today tea egg has become a traditi▓onal snack in China.Egg CompetitionsAs

an old Chine

se saying goes "hanging an egg on children's chest ?/p>

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坈an prevent them from getting summer diseases", parents will▓ prepare boiled eggs and put them in a knitted bag before hanging t

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